Patrón Spirits Introduces ‘Gran Patrón Piedra’

Limited Production Extra Añejo Tequila is Crafted Entirely from the Ancient ‘Tahona’ Process

ATOTONILCO EL ALTO, Jalisco, Mexico – Patrón Spirits, producer of the world’s highest-quality ultra-premium tequila, announces the launch of the brand’s first extra añejo tequila.

Meticulously aged for more than three years in new American and French oak barrels, the new Gran Patrón Piedra offers a distinct range of flavors and aromatics to satisfy the most sophisticated and discerning palates. 

“We created Gran Patrón Piedra to offer spirits aficionados a uniquely high-quality extra aged tequila,” said Ed Brown, president and CEO of Patrón Spirits International. “Its complex flavor profile, distinct oak taste, and remarkably smooth finish truly sets Gran Patrón Piedra apart in the ultra-premium tequila category.”

In addition to extra añejo aging, Gran Patrón Piedra is also distinguished by its very unique “tahona” production process, a time consuming and ancient method for creating tequila. To produce this tequila, the steam-cooked agave is slowly crushed with a two-ton volcanic stone wheel called a tahona. The resulting juice is then fermented and distilled along with the agave fiber. Piedra, which means “stone” in Spanish, is created entirely from the traditional tahona process – one of very few tequilas that is still produced in this age-old way. 

Bottled at 80 proof (40 percent alcohol by volume), Gran Patrón Piedra is characterized by its deep mahogany color and sweet, subtle aroma of fruit, fresh mushroom, light citrus, and toasted French oak. The taste is sweet, yet rich and complex, combining an earthy, herbaceous agave flavor with light vanilla and fresh mushroom.

Like all Patrón tequilas, Gran Patrón Piedra starts with the highest-quality 100 percent Weber Blue Agave. For Gran Patrón Piedra, and its sister tequilas Gran Patrón Platinum and Gran Patrón Burdeos, the very best of the agave harvest is set aside to create this incredibly distinctive tequila.

Gran Patrón Piedra is a sophisticated luxury spirit that deserves an equally striking package. The hand-numbered 750ml bottle, which was inspired by the tahona stone, has been placed in an elegant box that easily converts into a beautiful display case. Suggested retail price for Gran Patrón Piedra is US$399.

Simply Perfect in every way, Patrón was one of the first ultra-premium tequilas available on the world market. Every step in producing Patrón tequila – from harvesting the agave, to the time-honored distillation process, to the individual labeling and inspection of each bottle – is done with meticulous precision and care. Perfect in a margarita or on the rocks, Patrón tequilas are also versatile enough to be mixed in any number of cocktails that typically call for vodka or other white spirits.

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